About Hadiatou Wann

Hadiatou Wann is the author of "Magnetic Bond: The Love Every Woman Deserves." Her love of writing began as a teenager. Ever since, the Guinean-native has relied on writing as a platform to voice her opinion. She has been published 9 times on The Banner: The Official Newspaper of the College of Staten Island and on Get Down to Business, a publication that covers topics on finance, marketing, and life advice pertaining to business. She is the creator of “I Am African and I Can,” a blog that highlights stories of black women’s struggles and success, as well as the writer for the blog. Wann is a 2019 recipient of “Stars Under 40,” an award given out by Schneps Media. She has made an appearance on The Cool Spot TV Show, The Skii TV Show, News12 Bronx, News12 Brooklyn, Keri’s Korner Radio Show, and was a guest speaker at the United Nations. In 2018, she received a leadership award from Eric L. Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn for educating and empowering the community through literature.




Magnetic Bond: The Love Every Woman Deserves

After a love experience that went sour and then finding true love, I wrote Magnetic Bond: The Love Every Woman Deserves to save women from drowning in a potential toxic relationship, and also help them find true love. Through Magnetic Bond women can use my love experience as a guide to help them weed out the wrong men in their lives and attract the right man. After reading this book, any woman (whether single, dating or married) will become more knowledgeable on how to grow the courage to leave the wrong man, attract the right man and build a strong, healthy and long-lasting relationship with their better half.



I speak Hope.

I was born in Guinea, Conakry. I moved to the United States when I was 9 years old. I speak for love, empowerment, and helping those without a voice be heard.



"I Am African & I Can"

I am the creator of “I Am African & I Can,” a women’s empowerment blog highlighting stories of black women’s struggles and success. Every week, I interview a black woman who overcame a struggle/achieved success in her respective field. Then the story is published on a Friday. I hope that the content on my blog inspires you and adds positivity to your life!


Magnetic Bond Collection

Indulge and celebrate the beauty and the LOVE in your life from custom shirts, hoodies and accessories! 

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Hadiatou’s thirst for knowledge is never-ending. No matter how good her work is she always wants to do better. She is self-motivated and determined to succeed. She is incredibly personable and confident well beyond her years. She can light up a room wherever she goes. Her intelligence and creative mind reflects greatly in her writing. I strongly believe that whatever task or goal she sets her mind to she will achieve.
— Alan Krull
Hadiatou has a vivid and energetic way of capturing in words and telling a story. She is able to move and inspire the reader with her writing style. It’s been a few years since she featured my brand BlackPhumelele Designs on her blog. I remember the buzz it created online. At the time she captured the essence of my work, humble beginnings, aspirations and goals all in one blog. I got the chance to share with friends, family and on social media and created awareness I wouldn’t have had at the time. There was excitement about what I was working on and being featured on her publication. “I am African and I Can” also expanded my reach to new audiences.
— Phumelele Kunene